Miracle Theatre Equal Opportunities Policy

November 11 2020

Miracle is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for all actors, freelancers, staff and audiences.When recruiting and casting, we welcome submissions and applications from everyone and are committed to removing all forms of discrimination.

Miracle operates under the principles of Equal Opportunity, insisting on and promoting equality of opportunity and access to all, regardless of age, race, colour, ethnic or national origins, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, income, education, religious beliefs or cultural heritage. 

We recognise and support the arguments set out in the Arts Council England ‘Creative Case’ paper that diversity, in the widest sense, is an integral part of the artistic process and an important element in the dynamic that drives art forward and brings it closer to a profound dialogue with contemporary society.

We will work to combat any social and institutional barriers that prevent people from participating in and enjoying the arts.  Miracle recognises and values the diversity which exists in society and is committed to celebrating diversity positively, with all the artistic and creative opportunities it offers.

All employees and Trustees of Miracle should accept their responsibility for recognising and implementing the Policy in all aspects of their work with the company.  Promotion of the policy forms an integral part of the job description of all employees; they are involved in the day to day implementation of the policy, but ultimate responsibility lies with the Miracle Board.  The policy will be monitored and reviewed annually by the Board and targets for change will be set where a need is identified.