New Resident Assistant Director

November 5 2020

Hannah Stephens

Building on Hannah’s close association with Miracle working on numerous projects as a performer, workshop leader and assistant director, we are over the moon that Hannah is joining us in a new Resident Assistant Director role.

“Many of you will know Hannah from her many memorable performances over recent years, starting with the Boy who appears at the end of each act in Waiting for Godot (2013), through the medicine woman Esmeralda in The Magnificent Three and the unnamed protagonist in The Third Policeman to the Rat in Cinderella and Bah Humbug. Now we’ll be able to harness her boundless energy and enthusiasm to all the other aspects of Miracle Theatre’s work!” Bill Scott

” I grew up watching Miracle, inspired by its stories and performers so have felt very lucky to be welcomed into the family. They have been monumental in nurturing and supporting my career and I am absolutely buzzing they’ve now asked me to take on the official role of resident assistant director for a year. Feeling very excited to embark on this new adventure!” Hannah Stephens