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If you love what Miracle does and just want to see us keep doing what we do, your donation can help us continue making great work and touring it to all kinds of people, in all kinds of far-flung places.

This February, our wonderful friends at Fal River Love Miracle so much that they will DOUBLE any donations made to us from now until 28th February! This means that your generous donation will go twice as far. THANK YOU FAL RIVER.

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All donations go straight to keeping the show on the road and as a Love Miracle donor you are eligible to reserve priority seating at performances, minimum donation £25 (or £12.50 during February) and you will be invited to our annual Love Miracle event.

Love Miracle FAQs

I Love Miracle but where does my donation go?

Miracle Theatre is a registered charity. We are funded by Arts Council England and Cornwall Council, we make money from ticket sales and we have wonderful sponsors like Classic Cottages, Trebah Gardens and Fal River. All of this fantastic support makes up around 90% of what we need to keep the show on the road. This is why we ask for further donations from real life people like you.

£10 covers the cost of printing and binding a script. So your money helps the cast to learn their lines!
£20 covers the cost of an essential event license to put on a show in a community venue.

£100 covers the average fuel cost to get the big pink van to each location. (On average our Miracle Theatre tour van clocks up 13030 miles per tour, so you hardly have to clock up any!)

Do I get anything in return for my donation?

Apart from the warm fuzzy feeling of helping keep the show on the road, as a Love Miracle donor you are eligible to reserve priority seating at performances (minimum donation £25 (or £12.50 during February!) and will be invited to our annual Love Miracle event. You’ll find out more once you have made your donation.

Your money will help us keep going the distance. Thank you!

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Help Us Make Our Next Show:

Become a Miracle Maker

We want to offer you the chance to get involved with making our next show – right from the start! As a Miracle Maker, you will be part of Miracle history and its future.

We are keeping things simple: by making a donation of whatever size you can afford, you will receive snippets of inside info as we make and tour the show you have supported. You will also have your name included in that production’s programme.

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Want your Business to Get Involved?

Miracle can create bespoke sponsor or partnership packages for your business: to reach new audiences, offer unique and fun client hospitality or just gain great brand alignment.

“The partnership has been effective, fun and easy – that has to be a no brainer for any business that values local and regional profile, their staff and suppliers.” Tim Light, King Harry Ferry, Sponsors 2010-13

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