Bespoke Miniatures from Ffion

Visit ffimini on instagram to get your very own personalised miniature piece in a bespoke glass case for £150. Work with Ffion to to design your loved one a handcrafted miniature of their favourite house, street or landscape. All she needs is a picture and the piece would be with you in 1 week! Every piece is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Contact FFion on Instagram here.

Ffion is also a scenic painter who worked with Miracle on Aladdin and Bah Humbug.

Shagrat Merch from Hannah & Sally

Hit ’em up, hit ’em up! Miracle regulars Hannah Stephens and Sally Crooks are actually also in a sick girl band called Shagrat. They’ve got epic band T-Shirts for sale donning classic Shagrat slogans such as “Ladies what don’t say Ladies” & “I submit to Shagrat”! Plus we have some stunning new tea-towels in stock with a divine illustration of classic rat life, designed by mega artist Alex Rose. Order via Shagrat’s Instagram.

Shagrat front-woman, Hannah, and drummer extraordinaire, Sally, have worked as performers and assistant directors on numerous Miracle productions, including Bah Humbug, Beauty & the Beast from Mars, The Taming of the Shrew and The Third Policeman.

Jo's book: Express Yourself. A 'Mamoir'.

Finally, a brutally honest and comedic account of what happens to women attempting to maintain whoever they once were with the perfect mum you’re ‘meant to be’. Jo manages to debunk the myth of the magic of motherhood. A painful process that led to the amazing discovery that there are no rules, we are all warriors. Buy the book HERE.

Jo has performed in many Miracle productions including The Case of the Frightened Lady, The Government Inspector and The Time Machine.

Retro Bluetooth Speakers from Ciaran

Ciaran makes theatre, but in his spare time he upcycles old radios into beautiful bluetooth speakers. He’ll also convert yours! Find out more on Instagram HERE or online HERE.

Ciaran has performed in many Miracle shows including The Magnificent Three, Frankenstein! and Waiting for Godot. He also worked as Assistant Director on The Third Policeman.