Ta Dah! Let the silliness begin!

We had extra fun at Miracle HQ last week, when we welcomed the full cast of Aladdin in for a couple of production research and development days.

There is always a fizz  and extra buzz about the place when we all get together at the very beginning of a project. Flutters in the tummy (we all get them!) lots of noisy excitement erupting when we meet those we already know and those meeting for the first time. Eventually, we all settled down, mug in hands to listen to Bill & Kyla talk  through their ambition and ideas for this bright new shiney production – before they then open it up to the table.

And so it begins, discussions quickly move on to games, character improvisation, a dash to the costume store, screening of archive footage of Falmouth taken at Christmas during WW2, dancing, the eating of a Christmas dinner, more dancing and music. Lot of music. Along with some known (and some not so well known songs from the era),  Tom Adams, has begun writing some original music that we expect will have us all humming over the next couple of months.

So the bones of  Aladdin characters have time now to gently develop and inform Bill’s writing over the next couple of weeks.

Full rehearsals start at the beginning of November, continuing straight through to opening night – we’ll keep you updated on all fabulous things going on behind the scenes right here!