Access & Information


Miracle tours to many different sizes and types of venue: gardens, cliff tops, beaches and ancient sites – each offering its own unique experience.

We work with lots of different people, promoters and event managers, from groups of volunteers who want good stuff going on in their villages to professional venues. We love the diversity of our work: it is far from a one-size-fits-all approach to touring!

And the main common purpose of everyone who works together to put on a Miracle show is for everyone to have a an enjoyable experience.

To help in your planning we have put together some information here, but, if you have any questions at all, the best thing to do is just to give us a call on 01209 216762 or email us on [email protected]

Accessibility – Choosing a venue

Let’s be honest, performing in open air spaces means that, as well as the breath taking views, there may well be porta-loos!  Unfortunately, even the ‘disabled’ versions don’t have room for a mobility scooter or wheelchair – let alone the space to change a child.

In our experience, there are times when access symbols can be misleading, so, if you have any questions, such as how far it is to walk from the car park to the performance space or whether the ground underfoot is pushchair-friendly or if there are any loud sound effects that may be unsettling for people (or pets!) in your group – or if you need any other information to help you book with confidence and ensure that everyone in your party has an enjoyable experience – call the office on 01209 216 762 for a chat or drop us a line at [email protected] and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.


Miracle welcomes well-behaved dogs at most of its shows – on the understanding that if either decide to start barking or behaving in a way that may impact on the enjoyment of others, they will go for a little walk until they have calmed down. However, not all venues are dog-friendly. Please check when booking your ticket.

Young Children

We always include a guide age on our production information – but it’s always up to parents to make this decision. In our summer tour, children under 3 go free, and are welcome to enjoy skipping about at our venues, but please don’t let them wander backstage or impact the enjoyment of others – again, please take crying babies for a walk! For our winter productions, babes in arms are free, but if your child requires a seat it will need to be booked at the Under 16 ticket rate as normal.

Hard of hearing? Can’t see so well?

One of the many joys of performing outdoors is the relaxed nature of the event, people sit wherever they like – first come, first served. However, if you do need to sit near the front, please let the box office know when you book – and we will be able to reserve an appropriate space for you.

If you haven’t booked tickets in advance then we strongly recommend that you arrive early to pick your perfect spot. Venues are usually open 1hour before the performance starts.

If you or your group have specific requirements to help you enjoy a Miracle show (a touch tour, for example) please do get in touch and we will always do our best to make these happen.

Equal Opportunities

Miracle is dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities for all actors and theatre practitioners. When casting, we welcome submissions from everyone and are committed to removing all forms of discrimination. Please see our Equal Opportunities policy for more details.