Kyla Goodey on Aladdin

Bill Scott and the Miracle team are some of the warmest folk I have ever worked with so joining the family again for this years Christmas show is a bit like coming home. Bill taught me many moons ago at the Hub theatre school surrounded by many fervent students eager to get lead parts. He managed to be the most calmest supportive teacher in what was essentially a bloodthirsty battle ground! Since then I have been lucky enough to work on several projects with Bill as both an actor and assistant director. We have shared many hilarious rehearsals and tense opening nights together so are well prepared for the chaotic delights of Panto.

We made a Victorian version of Aladdin around 12 years ago, Bill wrote a corker of a show with some priceless comedy moments. It is definitely one of the funniest Miracle projects I have worked on. Many of the rehearsals led to us all weeping with laughter once again! We are setting this version in Falmouth 1942 being performed by the eccentric Willoughby-Brown  family doing their bit for the war effort. As the local community try to struggle through the idea of celebrating yet another desperate Christmas the Willoughby-Browns are preparing an extraordinary one-off performance of their famous homemade pantomimes.

We are having a ridiculous amount of fun working with our multi-talented cast, all of whom have so many surprises hidden up their leotards. The uniqueness of this bunch will ensure an endless supply of brilliantly bizarre characters delivering tightly choreographed comedy, story telling and song, we hope you’ll enjoy it! Kyla Goodey