Tom Adams in rehearsals

I have been working on ‘A Perfect World’ as composer since September 2018. I proposed the idea to Bill and Annie that I use local children’s voices from the South West of England to add to the music score of a utopian vision. They both said that sounds like a good idea and so today, I came into rehearsals for the first time, with collected audio put together with some adventurous, cinematic drum beats and melodies, to see how it feels with the actors performing it. I felt nervous. What if I had gotten the wrong end of the stick? What if the style of performance was not related to the music at all.
I pushed play on my computer tentatively whilst the actors performed a montage of climbing over rocks, crossing ravines and abseiling down a cliff face. I am happy to say it worked a treat and the actors were really appreciative of what they heard.
I enclose here – tiny sample of audio –an eleven year old boy collared me to record. He belted out this amazing vocal and I am definitely going to use it. Thanks mate.
I love my job.