Digital Miracle

Video on Demand - Aladdin

Take a trip back to 1940’s Falmouth with Aladdin!

The Willoughby-Brown family have brought their famous home-spun pantomime to Princess Pavilion to celebrate Christmas in 1943 – whatever happens, they will carry on regardless!

Available to rent or buy HERE

Miracle Video on Demand - Dr Livingstone, I Presume?

Relive this entertaining expedition into unknown territories of comedy with ‘Dr Livingstone, I Presume?’ Download it NOW!

Watch the Ffitch Repertory players perform in their unique style whilst backstage their relationships crumble before your very eyes – Rent or buy HERE.

Miracle Video On Demand: A Perfect World

Missed seeing ‘A Perfect World’? Download it NOW!

For the first time ever, you can now watch our recent production from the comfort of your own home!  We have made ‘A Perfect World’ available to rent or buy – HERE.

So, whether you missed this Utopian adventure altogether or want to enjoy it again with friends – you can download for your desktop, mobile device or even your TV.

Miracle Video on Demand: The Magnificent Three

Re-live the fun of Miracle’s 2015 comedy western!

When times are bad, salvation can show up in darned unexpected shapes. No one in Hope Springs will ever forget The Magnificent Three.

Rent or buy The Magnificent Three HERE.

Miracle Video on Demand: Tin

Want to watch Tin from further afield? Download it NOW!

You can now watch Miracle’s feature film, Tin, from the comfort of your own armchair – wherever you are in the world!

Set in 1890 in a Cornish tin mining village, Tin was a hit in Cornish cinemas when it was released in 2015.

You can now rent or buy it HERE.

Live & Digital: Industry Manual

Miracle Theatre has now published A Manual for Bringing Theatre to the Screen. Download the document here: Miracle Nesta Report.

The ‘Live & Digital’ R&D project set out to test whether the concept of ‘Theatre for Screen’ is viable for the small-scale producer: Can it bring in additional revenue? Is it technically feasible? Can it create increased visibility and market reach, and help to develop new audiences? And how can small arts organisations best use digital technology to capture live work and make it available to a wider public?

‘Live and Digital’ was supported by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts – Nesta, Arts & Humanities Research Council and public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

Project partners: Golant Media Ventures, Falmouth University and Dogbite Film Crew.