Miracle returns to the Christmas stage!

This Christmas is special. It’s the first time in a long time that we’re back to (relative) normalcy and lots of us are able to spend time with family and friends around the holidays. Your break from having to make dozens of minced pies is dusted and it’s now or never to fold marge ‘n’ lard (as Granny instructs) into snowy mountains of flour. It’s also now or never to see the incredible Christmas come-back play from your beloved Miracle Theatre. 

Sleeping Beauty hits the stage on December 8th at our new co-conspirators’ St Ives Guildhall and then continues at the classic spot Princess Pavilion from the 15th to the 31st. Yes, that’s right. Christmas Eve and New Years’ Eve included. Imagine, you could catch a charming matinee with the kids on NYE before heading home for an early and restful night in 😉

Our Sleeping Beauty, as of course you’ve guessed, has got some unexpected twists, some hilarious new layers, some freakishly good acting. This Christmas panto (but is it really a panto?!) is a jolly old time with jokes to please little Arya and great uncle Eugene and everyone in between. It’s been 2 long years without a Miracle Theatre Christmas production but audiences wait no longer! Spend quality time and make hilarious memories with your loved ones at our festive show. Book your tickets now!

Tickets for St Ives Guildhall


Tickets for Princess Pavilion