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August 9

The Third Policeman Review

The most ludicrous yet genius thing you will see in Cornwall this summer!
July 3

* * * * ‘plenty of Miracle magic’

'The Third Policeman' by Flann O Brien
Review by Jenni Balow at The Minack Theatre June 26, 2017
December 22

Cinderella Review, Cornwall Live

Miracle Theatre's new Christmas show is uniquely, well, Miracle. Which other company would stage a traditional panto but as produced by cack-handed 19th century repertory players?
Everything about this show is a joy – from the Victorian staging of Cinderella to the "play within a play" knockabout humour which reaches hysterical levels of farce, but without the ludicrous aspects of that genre; from the engaging use of music by 17th century composer Henry Purcell to the gifted cast.
February 2

Theatre Bath Review

"Magnificent foolery"
June 17
“Crisp, inventive and very, very funny”

Simon Parker WMN

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