Composer’s Notes by Tom Adams

I love adventure! It means stepping into the unknown, not knowing how something is going to turn out. It means risk taking, improvising on the spot and pushing your abilities to a new place. Adventures aren’t over planned. You might have just enough provisions for the journey there but no idea about the journey back. 

I used these ideas as inspiration for the music score and it also being Miracle Theatre’s 40th Birthday, I wanted to create something special. Last year, as I watched The Cherry Orchard in the wonderful Enys Gardens, I looked around the audience and saw happy faces who have watched Miracle Theatre most of their lives. I saw a future of Miracle Theatre where the younger generation come on board.

I felt like this was a lovely moment to combine the sense of adventure and posterity and 

So, in April this year, myself and a sound recordist called Martin travelled across the South West to work with five groups – schools, children’s drama groups and one adult theatre workshop – to record children and adults singing and making silly sounds. My aim was to create a virtual choir from all of these different groups and then during rehearsals, feed these songs into the show. It’s an ambitious idea and I’m slightly scared but I do love an adventure! Happy 40th Birthday Miracle Theatre!

Miracle Theatre would like to say thanks to Sterts Youth Group (Liskeard), Penwith APA (Penzance), Gillingham School (Dorset), Roseland Academy and all the adults, children (and parents) that take part in Keri’s drama workshops in Falmouth – can any of you hear yourselves?