Pre-Show Garden Tours at Tregrehan

Tregrehan has been home to the Carlyon family since 1565. Jovey Carlyon’s passion for trees during the late 19th century is evident in the towering specimens seen today. Beneath this canopy Gillian Carlyon’s (1924-1987) renowned collection of camellias flourish. In quiet rebellion against this promiscuous genus, the botanical collection of the current ‘gardener’ (encumbered with the same passion as his forebears) requires an appreciation of the diversity of the world’s flora. At its floral peak in the spring, the 20 acre garden and magnificent green-house (circa 1846) 

Cornwall’s Temperate Rainforest has been created with plant material from countries as diverse as China, Chile, Tasmania, Vietnam, Japan and Mexico. The garden was opened to visitors regularly and links with RBG Kew re-established for the 1st time since Jovey Carlyon’s correspondence with Thistleton Dyer in the 1890’s.

The tree collection has recently been reviewed by Owen Johnson from the British Tree Register who declared Tregrehan to be “The finest private garden in Britain and Ireland for its range and size of recently introduced tree species.”


Led by – Richard Moore Head Gardener at Tregrehan

Pre-book a 30-40 minute guided walk in the garden at 5:30pm. Must be booked with Miracle Theatre ‘A Perfect World’ ticket and a seating space for show can be reserved.

Tickets £5.00 pp – proceeds go towards the Conservation of Rare Plants project at Tregrehan. Click HERE to book