Carol Ann Duffy

Carol Ann Duffy is a writer, poet and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and is also the first woman in 400 years to have been appointed to the position of poet laureate – no small achievement for a Scottish-born lesbian daughter of two Glasgow working-class radicals. She became popular for her early love poems, which, like Shakespeare’s sonnets, did not specify the gender of the object of her feelings. 

“Her poems are accessible and entertaining, yet her form is classical, her technique razor-sharp. She is read by people who don’t really read poetry, yet she maintains the respect of her peers. Reviewers praise her touching, sensitive, witty evocations of love, loss, dislocation, nostalgia; fans talk of greeting her at readings with claps and cheers that would not sound out of place at a rock concert.” – Katherine Viner in The Guardian 

Duffy’s update of the medieval morality play Everyman has done away with a religious framework and instead places the lead, who represents humankind, in a secular world amongst allegorical characters. Miracle Theatre’s ‘Everyman’ stars Dean Rehman as Everyman who, at his frenzied 40th birthday party, finds himself facing Death (Giles King) and begins to confront his past and future decisions…

Carol Ann Duffy’s adaptation of Everyman was commissioned by the National Theatre and first performed in April 2015. Miracle Theatre is pleased to present its second run of the Everyman in Spring 2022. Please click here for more info and tickets.

Image description: Miracle Theatre’s Everyman 

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