Out now: Everyman’s Original Score

When Dom Coyote joined Miracle Theatre’s Everyman crew to compose and musically direct a sound score for the play, director Kyla Goodey instructed him to create a “pagan, epic dance music to set the soul on fire”, and her certainly delivered! Set firmly in the world of festivals, Dom Coyote’s music moves between electronic score builds, the distant sound of crowds, sweeping harmony and visceral instrumentals stripped of all technology.

Everyman holds a raw and vital flame … Carol Ann Duffy’s extraordinary adaptation of this ancient story, combined with the collective spirit of everyone who makes this particular version come to life, formed an alchemy that is rare and precious.

– Dom Coyote

Dom Coyote is a composer and songwriter based in Bristol. He was a long time collaborator with the critically acclaimed Kneehigh Theatre, and now writes music for film, theatre and performance projects. His original score for Everyman can be purchased on Bandcamp.

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