Miracle’s Latest Plans!

2023 has begun with the news that Miracle will continue to be supported by the Arts Council for a further 3 years. To make the most of this, we are taking a little time to re-group and have a look at our long-term plans. This means we’ll be hitting pause (for one summer only!) on our regular outdoor tour for 2023. This has been Miracle’s most consistent offering – running almost every year since 1979 – and we can’t wait to be back with a bang next summer!

But behind the scenes, we will be busier than ever, running outreach projects and regular research and development sessions with local writers, performers and technicians, sowing the seeds for future productions and building up our creative workforce.

In the meantime, watch out for us at The Great Estate Festival at Scorrier House on June 2nd, 3rd and 4th, following the trail of Cornish botanist & adventurer William Lobb, on his quest through the forests of South America, in search of the seeds of the Monkey Puzzle Tree. Head over to the festival website to find out more. Hope to see you there!

Bill Scott – Founder and Artistic Director