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November 28

Top 5 spots to see Father Christmas

November 28

Sleeping Beauty Family Tickets for £50!

December 22

Cinderella Review, Cornwall Live

Miracle Theatre's new Christmas show is uniquely, well, Miracle. Which other company would stage a traditional panto but as produced by cack-handed 19th century repertory players?
Everything about this show is a joy – from the Victorian staging of Cinderella to the "play within a play" knockabout humour which reaches hysterical levels of farce, but without the ludicrous aspects of that genre; from the engaging use of music by 17th century composer Henry Purcell to the gifted cast.
October 20


We have a limited number of Royal Boxes - which can seat up to 8 people - for selected Cinderella performances.
You now have the chance to win a box to share with your nearest and dearest via Sealed Bids.
October 7

Celebrate Good Times with Polgoon!

Celebrate Good Times with Award Wining Polgoon - introducing Miracle Fizz !

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