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‘Wholesome yeehaw humour dotted with sweet songs and as many stetsons as you can count on one stage!’ The Stage

Gather up your posse it’s time to head out to the Wild Frontier for a rootin’-tootin’, side-splittin’, finger-clickin’, toe-tappin’, saloon-door-swingin’, double-cross-dressin’, Hoe-down dancin’, quick-draw slinging, Spaghetti Western adventure….YEEHAW!

Heading west across Dead Man’s Prairie, the trail hits a watering hole called Hope Springs. Not a lot ever happened here: mostly lonesome strangers, minding their own business, passing on through but then word got out that the railroad was coming and the town got a whole lot wilder. Seems even most trusted folk can’t always be counted on when there’s money to be made…

When times are bad, salvation can show up in darned unexpected shapes.
No one in Hope Springs will ever forget The Magnificent Three.

Written & Directed by Bill Scott | Music by Tom Adams