Spring 2016

Debbie is 33, lives at home with her mum and broadcasts Zonk FM from her bedroom. On the surface it sounds like any other radio station. But Debbie is making contact with others like her. Zonk FM is a poignant new comedy featuring a cast of well-known Miracle performers including Sally Crooks, Keri Jessiman and Steve Jacobs.

This roller coaster of a show explores other people’s reality with fast paced physical humour, tenderness and disco lights

Recommended for 12 years +

This is a Miracle Grow Project: Creating opportunities for new writers & directors

Zonk FM Supporters


FEAST harnesses the many talents and energies of Cornwall’s artists and communities to create inspiring opportunities for people to come together and enjoy high quality arts as participants and audiences.



As one of our most generous and loyal supporters, Fal River are the main sponsor of Zonk FM.