Miracle Time Capsule 1979 - 2019


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‘Aladdin’, 1993

A raucous homage to early Victorian pantomime based on a 19th century script and popular songs of the time. The show was staged on a portable proscenium ‘theatre’ with hand-painted backdrops and a ‘pit orchestra’ of piano, violin and clarinet. Warmly received as an alternative panto experience that could be enjoyed by all ages.

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‘A Parcel of Rogues’, 1993

Miracle received funding from the Foundation for Sport and the Arts which provided a van, a decent production budget and proper wages for four actors. The result was, an epic tale, bursting with songs and draped in lush costumes, inspired by the lives of local shady characters, Harry Carter, the King of Prussia Cove and Lady Jane Killigrew, spanning naval engagements, settlements in the New World, a lunatic asylum and packet ships. Simon was the new company member, beginning a 7-year partnership.

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