Miracle Time Capsule 1979 - 2019


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‘The Magnificent Three’, 2016

A re-run of the 2015 show.

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‘Life’s a Dream’, 2016

A new adaptation of Calderon’s very modern 16th century drama about dream and reality and the uncertain nature of existence.

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‘Zonk FM’, 2016

The first product of the MiracleGrow project for new directors and writers. Debbie’s very local radio station has some far out listeners. Written by Angus Brown and directed by Tom Adams.

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‘Cinderella’, 2016

The Ffitch Repertory Players spared no expense to bring the world’s best-loved fairy tale to the stage, with a live band, a Welsh rat and a flying Fairy Godmother. Miracle’s first panto at the Princess Pavilion.

You can now download or stream Cinderella via our On Demand service, click HERE to view all our titles and find out more.

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